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SSASpro - Helping Business Owners To Unlock The Power Of SSAS Pensions

Support your business and plan for a more prosperous future with the UK’s only complete SSAS solutions provider

What Is A SSAS?

A SSAS is a Small Self-Administered Scheme, specifically designed for Business Owners.

It provides a unique opportunity to reduce your tax burden, to secure your assets and increase your retirement fund.

A SSAS offers the highest level of flexibility of any pension scheme in the UK, coupled with the greatest level of control for its members.

This makes a SSAS one of the most versatile, tax-efficient pension arrangements available.

How Can A SSAS Help Business Owners?

A SSAS can bring a unique range of benefits to Business Owners:

• Reduce corporation tax
• Reduce personal tax
• Create tax free revenue to your pension
• Transfer current pension funds to help fund your business development
• Lend pension funds to your business
• Use property as a pension contribution
• Protect your assets from creditors
• Reduce inheritance tax
• Invest in what YOU think is a good investment, within HMRC rules
• Total control of your retirement planning

Why Work With SSASpro?

We offer a comprehensive range of benefits for business owners, including:


We are SSAS specialists, with a deep understanding of the product. This means we can help you create a bespoke SSAS pension scheme tailored to your specific needs and objectives.


We offer comprehensive support to our business owner clients, from initial consultation to long-term administration. This means you can be confident that your SSAS pension scheme is in good hands.

Save money on your pension contributions

SSAS pensions offer many tax benefits, so you can save money on your pension contributions.

Attract and retain top talent

SSAS pensions are valuable to senior employees, and they can help you attract and retain top talent.

Plan for your retirement

SSAS pensions can help you plan for your retirement and achieve your financial goals.

We believe SSASpro is the best choice for business owners looking for a comprehensive and professional SSAS solution.

What Our Professional Partners Say…

When planning and implementing a SSAS we work closely with our business owner clients, own professional advisers and our specialist professional partners.

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