Why Choose A SSAS?

Read on to find out how the many features of SSAS pensions will add value to some of your clients. 

What is a SSAS?

A small, self-administered pension scheme (SSAS) is a type of pension, usually a defined contribution workplace pension, which can give extra investment flexibility.

The pension is independently managed by the company that set it up, allowing the pension trustees to choose how the fund is invested. It can even be invested in the fund’s own company.

Importantly, a SSAS is a trust, as well as an occupational pension scheme. This unique structure also provides numerous oportunities to business owners, their families and their limited company.

Benefits of SSAS

A SSAS carries all the standard benefits of a traditional pension scheme, including the tax-free lump sum on retirement, no capital gains tax on the disposal of investments and no income tax on any permitted investments.

But there’s more with a SSAS:

Greater flexibility

Trustees can choose where the money is invested, including purchasing shares in the sponsoring company, or buying and leasing back company property.

Fund and take loans

The SSAS can also make loans to the company, or to unconnected companies, as well as borrow money for further investments.

Tax relief

There are several ways a SSAS can provide various tax relief and benefits to the business owners and their limited company.

Trust assets

Any fund assets can be held in trust and passed on to family members on death, offering significant estate planning and inheritance tax benefits.

How SSAS works with SSASpro

SSASpro is the UK’s leading SSAS solution provider. We have helped hundreds of happy clients all over the UK unlock the value of their pension fund.

Our services are available exclusively through professional advisers. We work in partnership with independent financial advisers and accountants to introduce our services to their clients.

Working together, we create the right package for each individual and manage the SSAS throughout its lifecycle.

Whatever stage of the process your clients are at, SSASpro are here to provide expert guidance and support.


We charge a one-off set up fee of £1400 plus VAT and a maintenance fee for carrying out the required administration. Talk to us today about our fees.

For most people, they can access up to 25% of their fund value at age 55 and draw the rest as taxable income over their lifetime.

The fund is also accessible as a lump sum or income to your family on your death.

Talk to us today about how we can structure your drawdown.

All members of a SSAS must also be trustees.

SSASpro help and guide member trustees by providing a professional trustee service.

Are you ready to work with SSASpro to provide the benefits of SSAS pensions to your clients?

SSASpro work exclusively with independent professionals. Get in touch today to discuss working with SSASpro.

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