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Pension And A Trust

A SSAS is both a pension and a trust. This makes them the perfect vehicle to use as part of your family’s wealth plan.

SSAS pensions are a great tool for developing wealth. But they can also help business owners manage and distribute their wealth to their families in the future.

Here are some of the less well-known features that can go towards forming an estate plan.

Adding additional members…

A SSAS can have up to eleven members, however it’s not necessary for all beneficiaries of an estate to be a member of the SSAS. 

Existing members can write an expression of wish that will bring additional beneficiaries into the SSAS in the event of their death.

So, to give a simple example of the above:

A husband and wife have developed a good business and made large contributions into their pension. They want to leave their pension to their children. 

The husband and wife can write an expression of wishes that includes adding the children to the pension on their death, the children being given a proportion of the parent’s pension at that stage.

This would have the impact of giving the children a great start to their pension. 

And crucially because the funds have not moved out of the trust, they wouldn’t be tested for inheritance tax.

That’s just one example of how a SSAS can be used as a family trust to help build a robust estate plan. 

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