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What is SSAS?

SSAS – an incredibly well kept secret. Established in the UK In 1979, SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme) is an Occupational type pension scheme, designed for businesses and their owners and directors.

SSAS offers far more flexibility and a wider range of benefits and options than any other UK pension.

SSAS allows business owners to use their pension plans and business in tandem to create robust long-term strategies for their pension, their business and their family.

Who does SSAS suit?

All UK Business owners, Limited Companies, LLP, & Partnerships & Scottish Partnerships. See our specific page in this site which covers a range of some of the typical users of SSAS. Who uses SSAS?

HMRC Approved Tax wrapper:

As an HMRC approved Pension scheme, SSAS enjoys a tax-free environment for Corporation Tax, Capital gains Tax, Income Tax and Inheritance Tax.

Sample SSAS Benefits?

  • Ability to contribute up to £500k per annum tax allowably from your business to your SSAS pension
  • Creating an enduring tax efficient family trust of up to 11 members
  • Ability to lend up to 50% of the monies from your SSAS to your business for any commercial use
  • Ability to lend up to 100% of the monies from your SSAS to a third party unconnected business
  • Purchase / ownership of commercial property and land directly within a SSAS
  • Allowing the “in specie” transfer of assets into the SSAS personally or via your business

Refer A Client

Want to refer a client, however feel out with your comfort zone?

Don’t feel comfortable discussing this type of strategy with clients?

We understand. SSAS is a specialist area of an already specialist sector. We are naturally well placed to handle all matters for you with your client, and will do so as part of our process. You have no compliance risk.

Removing your risk – Specialist Accountancy expertise;

To ensure that your client receives the very best guidance and comfort, we work closely with Specialist Chartered Accountants, who are able to guide and assure your client on the specific tax benefits and implications of SSAS as well as on the other related tax considerations in the whole SSAS process.  This is optional, if you or your client feel that they require this level of assurance.

As an Intermediary – all we need for you to do is simply complete our contact form to register as an Intermediary / Introducer. We will then provide you with a private login access, which will allow you to input new clients and track the progress of your prospective clients.

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